One Dude’s Wedding Advice

You see their ads all over Knoxville. Twice a year, the Pink Bridal Show comes to the Knoxville Convention Center. Every time I see the billboards pop up I have flashbacks to January 12, 2014 when I went with my then fiancée, now wife, to that edition of the show. Along with us was her mother, one of her bridesmaids, her sister, and my sister. While we definitely made some big decisions there together, including the venue, and the photographer, I was mostly there for support. Of course among all the vendors my mind could not help but wander for a few reasons, The first being that is was my 31st birthday and the second was that the 49ers were playing the Panthers in the playoffs.

Anyway, with the next Pink Bridal Show coming up this Sunday and seeing a few friends and acquaintances getting engaged lately, I figured being two and a half years removed from my wedding day, I had enough time and experience to offer up some advice to the couples out there facing down the gauntlet of planning a wedding and reception. The main piece of advice I can give is this:

Focus on what really matters to the both of you the most.

The two of you are the ones getting married. Yes, family may be helping with costs but it is still your wedding and reception so it should include what is important to the both of you. Let me explain.

My wife and I met at a dance class learning a couples dance called zouk. It is a very sensual couples dance and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new.  Anyway, we met at zouk and I proposed to her dancing zouk. So zouk and dancing in general was something very important to us and we wanted our first dance and the dancing thereafter to be a big focal point of the reception so we made sure everyone involved knew and understood that. Pictures was something else that was very important to my wife so we budgeted a little more money for some great pictures.

Meanwhile, My wife and I could not care less about flowers or the bouquet/garter toss. So while we still had flowers (fake) and still tossed the bouquet and garter, they were things not very high on our priorities.

So make all the plans you can, but focus on the things that matter to you the most, everything else is really just background noise. What matters to you is what you will remember on your special day.

But hey, that’s just one dude’s opinion.


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